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Lumificient Corporation has been serving the Sign and Display Industries with superior LED illumination solutions since its inception in 2000.  Lumificient began work on its initial LED illumination system in 1999, and attained the first patented LED illumination solution for the Signage and Display use in 2001. 

Today, our Hyperion R-Lite™ system is regarded as the leading system on the market based superior design, even and lasting illumination, reliability and performance that is unmatched in the industry, serviceability based upon its removable and replaceable modules, an ease of use that will provide considerable labor related savings and the FAR superior energy savings that it provides over competitive LED illumination solution. 

Hyperion R-Lite™ is utilized in a broad range of signage and display applications including face lit and halo lit channel letters, light boxes, menu boards, display cases, and much more; do to its versatility. 

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