Hyperion R-Lite

Flexible, even, lasting illumination for narrow stroke and shallow depth channel letters and displays.


Custom, energy-saving LED panels for new and existing sign applications in a plug-and-play design, installed in minutes.


Patented LED illumination system with flexible, adhesive backing perfect for cove and accent applications.

Lumeon 360

The only LED-based border and accent tube that provides a true look of neon, offering a 360° glow.

ecovista™ G2

Edge-to-edge, brighter, truer, focused LED light projection on your billboard display.

Dear Valued Customer & Market Partner,

It is with great excitement that we share with you, as a division of Revolution Lighting, the launch of our new website, www.rvlti.com.

Reflecting our new singular brand identify, the new website provides you with an enhanced user experience, delivering key information about our company, market leading products and services. At this time, by visiting Lumificient's website, you will be directly rerouted to Revolution Lighting's new website. If you have any questions, please contact your Revolution Lighting sales representative or email us at info@rvlti.com.

On behalf of Revolution Lighting, we would like to thank you for your continued commitment to make Revolution Lighting the LED leader in the U.S.


Marketing & Communications

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